Season 6

July 30, 2014 Episode 7 Men vs. Wild 0 links
July 16, 2014 Episode 6 De-Bug Life 8 links
July 9, 2014 Episode 5 Brand of Brothers 35 links
July 2, 2014 Episode 4 Quackdraft 24 links
June 25, 2014 Episode 3 Hands on a Woodchipper 32 links
June 18, 2014 Episode 2 Quack and Gown 75 links
June 11, 2014 Episode 1 Governor's Travels 46 links

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Anybody know the episode where Phil Robertson talk about having no spit cups and that it's going to be a long day?
Uh oh they adding new characters
i cant wait for the christmas special!!
Thanks! You lot rock ;-)
More DD someone?!
The Forums Broke DarthIntrepid Broke it! No one can post there for about 30 hours. I cant find episode. Sorry..
I know we our not supposed to make request here. but I cannot figure how in the forum. but does anyone have the new episode of duck dynasty?
LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this show. 10/10
best and funniest reality show ever.. hey jack.. lol
i've added please give it some time for it to come up i know alot of people been waiting for this new season to start me being one of them!