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About Cherry 2012

A drama centered on a troubled young woman who moves to San Francisco, where she gets involved in pornography and aligns herself with a cocaine-addicted lawyer...

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A very interesting film and it has a lot of hot chicks, what could be better (except gore, zombies, or aliens)
deadface rating 5/10 not really my kinda flix (except the hot chicks) but an interesting story, well written and acted so I have to give it props..not porn but does have nudity, do not suggest watching with younger audience around, if you are offended by this type of movie or the lifestyle it represents, you should read the description or the movie and do not watch it if it offends you.
we are all one organism sharing this world and each facet leads to different paths, we should learn to embrace the path we are on and respect the paths of others because in the end we are all one....human.
@Sundial83 y dont you go hug another bible and don't bother watching movies like this. read the dang discription's befor you look for a link
This is a well written and acted film. It's far from "malicious". And like @panty_hampster and @yvonne717 wrote, Cherry was the most together of the characters. The adult film industry is a complex one. I applaud these filmmakers for taking a risk and putting this story out for public consumption. Re lesbianism -- your life can be ok as a lesbian, bisexual, gay man or straight person. If you have issues around this, check out The Trevor Project. There's nothing dangerous or poisonous about this film. I can't argue with one person's feelings, if someone felt "unclean" at the end of this movie, it's obviously not for them. But to denigrate all people in the adult film industry as well as all lesbians is not ok. This film is one slice of life, one story about the adult film industry--and a well-done indie film, at that. As someone else said, if you're looking for porn, don't watch this. If you're looking for a well-done story, check this out. Maybe check out some more comprehensive reviews on other sites before watching if you're on the edge. I, for one, give this film a thumbs up. And I have great respect for the filmmakers.
I agree. It was quietly acted, and the dysfunction was around her - but she kept her sense of identity throughout the film. Good ensemble cast.
I can't believe all the negative comments on this movie. I thought it was a good portrayal of the industry. And the slow progression at which she went thru it. I thought it was going to be this slam fest on the industry, and end in a trajedy. The only person who had her sh-t somewhat together, was Cherry. She wasn't troubled, she was getting the hell away from trouble, and users. If your watching it and expecting a porno movie, just go to a porn site. Another good Indy film.
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Nothing special, apart from Cherry, she's a stunner.
From somebody who is in this industry, I felt the movie was OK.

ashley hinsaw is so sexy!

It was tastefully done. Not to graphic.