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One of the best movies i've ever seen... I love the parodie from this movie as well :D i think its called Year One.
So first check acopalypto and then "Year One" you will laugh for sure :D
Rare and Brilliant movie in my opinion!
@BrickTop Did you actually understand what you wrote there?
this movie is AWESOME!!!
This film is NOTHING like the (In Comic book guy voice) Worst comment ever portrayed it to be.. Movie: Green Arrow... Worst comment ever: Red arrows will blot out the sun!
@LearnYourPlace i don't really think comparing him to an ape is that accurate, considering the year is 1492, our species had evolved quite a bit since the Stone Age. A movie closer to that description is Clan of the Cave Bears, depicted 30,000 years ago.
this film can be translated two ways,one is this a historical film trying to stay as close as it can to real events as we know them today,the second one is this a movie from confused mind being feed up with the lies about the great civilizations of the Americas and all the other nations for that matter and that is the reason why he ended the film the way he did,just how great you can be with your stone age weapons when his people already had ships to sail and steel to kill,you decide which person he is and what was his motivation with this film,either way the facts are facts in the movie,Jaguar paw was barely more then an ape when the Spanish found him running on that beach
@pineappleExpress i agree!! i actually got the erge to watch it myself after talking about Mel Gibson's most frowned upon flicks, this being one of them and I cannot believe how many times i have watched it, considering it is subtitled ... i LOVE it!
not one English word, yet this movie was epic
i gotta say this movie is well detailed, i liked it when the eclipse was forming and they said '' oh god show us that u are pleased and return the light'' it was kind of amusing too, great maya movie i liked it overall 8/10