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Blade Runner 1982

A blade runner must pursue and try to terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space and have returned to Earth to find their creator...

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Watch it , revere it, place it in a golden box and pray to it regularly, best Sci-Fi movie ever! This should be compulsory for anyone thinking themself as a movie buff!
My favorite movie. Doesn't matter which of the multiple versions you've seen, all brilliant. This movie is the standard sci-fi directors used for 25 years.
Made in 1982... Shockingly ahead of it's time! And in some ways almost prophetic in the manner today's society pushes the transhumanism / one world order envelop.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching it again for the 20th? 21st time? Lmao not exaggerating!
Surprisingly never seen this movie yet.. Seeing as how Im on an Alien Universe marathon.. Blade runner is next :)
I give major accolades to "Blade Runner" for inspiring all modern sci-fi, but it really does nothing for me. In fact, it's pretty dull with all things considered. Maybe I just don't get it. I saw the "directors cut" version, so perhaps I should check out the other one some other day.
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pretty cool movie, Ridley Scott is one of the best Sci-Fi director's. The special effects, set and music are really great for 1982. I'm sure had i been alive In 1982 I would have thought Harrison Ford was playing every Sc-Fi movie role available, jk. Pretty cool story, some weird elements and it felt kind of long, but it was still really good. Philip K. Dick writes some pretty sweet novels, i don't read much but based on the movies that were based on his novel's they are pretty sweet. I can see this movie become one of my fav Sci-Fi movies. thanks again meg. A side note, for some reason at some parts, i felt as if i was watching total recall, which makes sense becuase they have the same author, but is odd because they had different directer's, i sure hope Pail Verhoeven wasn't trying to copy Ridley Scott or anything ;). anyway Blade Runner is good.

Damn straight it was badass. Absolutely gorgeous.
Saw a couple films last week--thought I'd review 'em.

Blade Runner: I have to admit, this film didn't nearly meet my expectations. I suppose the fact that it was one of the first movies of its kind makes it not as bad, but it just seemed pretty corny to me. I mean, just check out that music while the police car is flying in the air. It's hilarious. The way they portray women is also very laughable and quite cornball. But the worst thing about this movie is the length of it. It seems to go on forever and hardly keeps my attention. The drawn-out conclusion is especially tiresome. The theme of this movie is good. but the way it's presented really sucks.

Love Actually: This is a nice charming little film, a great romantic comedy. It's cute, fun, and heartwarming. The cast is's got Hugh Grant lookin' sexy as Prime Minister and plus, it's all set in England so everyone has those awsome accents! :D I don't really know what else to say about it except DO NOT show this to your kids because there is some blatant nudity...
and the crackheaded movie purchasing continues....

the getaway ($5) - yeah, i know. but dude....naked kim basinger!

the thomas crown affair ($5) - yeah, i know. but dude....naked rene russo!

heat ($5) - i hardly need to explain purchasing a movie with al pacino AND bobby d. do i?

blade runner d.c. ($2.50) - sci fi goodiness.

point break ($5) - yeah, i know. but dude....naked tank girl!

i also bought Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season One ($25), but since i've only seen about one episode, i will wait to review it.

i also sent a check off for my copy of Evil Dead 2: Collector's Tin ($30), and will be reviewing it soon.