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Now don't get me wrong I enjoy hot girls in cheerleader uniforms and bathing suits just as much as most guys but for the other hour and a half of the movie I was completely bored. This film is set on being corny, it begins, ends and continues that way constantly. All the acting in the movie is bad and the story line is just stupid. One of the biggest problems ever is the fact that the movie sells itself on being a "girl in bikini" movie in which lasts for about 3 mins and the rest is just boring as hell. I mean this film is even bad for a teen movie. The jokes in it aren't funny nor the white/black stereotypes this movie constantly points to. I recommend this film to absolutely nobody and hope that for your own sake you avoid this movie.
This movie really, really, really, really, really sucks. Everything about it sucks. Acting, characters, dialogue, music, plot, everything sucks. Kirsten Dunst better thank Sam Raimi every day for the rest of her life for saving her career with Spiderman. This movie is a real piece of shit and not recommendable under any circumstance.
i saw dis film agen 2day thought i shud put it on- always gets me in a gud mood...makes me wanna get up and do flips...tho i can't even do a roly

Weenie Bopper:D
Best in Show: Kirsten Dunst
One for the future: Jesse Bradford
Stand-out scene: Final cheer-off
Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Light, fluffy teen comedies have their place and this is a superior example of the genre. Obviously pointed towards the most lucrative movie-going age group; boys aged 18-25 with its cast of scantily-clad nubile cheerleaders, the makers of this have nonetheless managed to squeeze a half decent story into the mix. Kirsten Dunst, who apparently was a time-served High School cheerleader, takes the lead as Torrence Shipton, Captain of a cheerleading troupe. Some fairly risque jokes somehow shoehorned their way past the censor, based mainly around the male members (fnar fnar) of the troupe. Of course its formulaic, but as was the case with Legally Blonde and Drop Dead Gorgeous (which also starred Dunst) there's some quality writing and a talented cast and crew at work here. Certain elements are predictable but there's enough twists to retain your attention. The 'Mickey' sequence at the end of the British version with outtakes and a routine to the Toni Basil hit was a fun additional plus point.
Neverland (2003)

Fact: Renee Zellweger can act. Fact: This movie is too long, too plodding and too fucking sloooow-moving. Watch it for Renee Zellweger's breakthrough performance. Meryl Streep is also very very good. However, be prepared for a really slow, melodramatic story. Its the kind of story you could see the ending a mile away. The movie moves on at a snail's pace, but luckily the great acting of the cast makes it a somewhat bearable experience. A perfect example of a great cast let down by a boring and overlong script. Not every film can be another DEAD MAN WALKING. In this case, ONE TRUE THING merely becomes decidedly mediocre. Again, this film is for those who want to see Renee Zellweger's best performance, one which i put at par with her role in COLD MOUNTAIN.

I love Bring It On. I used to be a cheerleader. Anyway I'm really bored. I was going to go to the mall but that place is boring so I'm staying home. Maybe watch a few movies who knows..

review to come
okay, i really liked this movie but kirsten dunst ruined it for me. not that i dont like her as an actress but she is probably one of the most uncoordinated people in the world. c'mon people i couldnt have been the only one to notice her jerky motions as a cheerleader!!! she's a great actress, but leave the cheering to Eliza Dushku
La la la la la la.