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This movie was on TV here tonight. So almost 24 years after its release I finally took the time to watch the marathon ..
I'm inclined to post a page long review about the movie, but those never sold it to me, so I wont bother. Those that are interested have probably seen it anyway.
In short, this movie has it all, and its good!
The 'drama' label is correct, and has been part of the reason I never really bothered with the movie, but I would not really have given it that label, to be honost.
ps: Somewhat sad to see all the last replies have been down-voted ..
A truly epic movie, kevin costner at his best. A movie that sucks you in and Heightens your senses. A pretty long movie but needs all that time to keep you enthralled. The type of movie that stays in the back of your mind when you picture good memories. 10/10
A fine epic, beautiful and captivating. It is a very long movie, but manages to stay pretty interesting the whole way through - which is quite the achievement. The story was good, though I much preferred the first part. After that it kind of hits one note and fades away. It also could have used a bit more layering. On a technical level though it is indeed spectacular - the scenery, the directing, the costumes, the atmosphere. There was an attempt to portray the Indians as accurately as they could - but ironically the "white men" were more like cartoon villains.

All in all it got lazy a bit and could have achieved more, but it was still a grand spectacle which I enjoyed very much.
"Dances with Wolves" is marked as a western, but it is far from a typical entry into the genre. The film's focus isn't on gunslingers, but rather Lieutenant Dunbar, an officer in the Union army during the American Civil War and his relationship with the Sioux tribe. The film has a superb Civil War scene to introduce the disillusioned officer. Following this is a memorable performance from Maury Chaykin, who sends the lieutenant on his mission to the frontier.

Slowly Lieutenant Dunbar learns about the Sioux tribe and integrates himself into it. This leads to several episodes that include such things as breaking the language barrier and making war on the Pawnee. I liked the fact that the Sioux spoke in Lakota, albeit a simplified version. These episodes are portrayed with high caliber cinematography and the aid of an excellent score by John Barry. The film can be slow-paced at times, but is interesting overall. Kevin Costner is decent as Lieutenant Dunbar and the supporting cast gives excellent performances.

The theatrical cut is a good one, but I enjoyed the additions in the extended cut. The additions are appropriate and aid in characterization. "Dance with Wolves" is a key film dealing with Native American culture.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: One of the rare gifts in cinema, a mind bending emotionally potent story that only improves with repeat viewings. Unlike many films about love, "Eternal Sunshine" actually speaks a language that I understand. One of the great love films ever; one of the best of this decade without a doubt.

Grade: A

Just picked this up on VHS for 99 cents. As the main character is wooden and stodgey, Kevin Costner's acting is actually good in this film. His direction is solid too.
Not a great movie, but there are many things to like here.
Native Americans portrayed as human beings. I love the opening of this movie. The "Robinson Crusoe" part of the film when Costner's character arrives at the abandoned western Post is effective. This is no "Little Big Man," but good enough to enjoy!
The fact that this won over Goodfellas is a crime against humanity.
In 1865, Civil War hero Lt. John Dunbar asks to be reassigned to the western frontier before it disappears. At his isolated post he develops a relationship with the peaceful Lakota Sioux and a white woman who lives among it
Easily one of my favorite movies of all time.
Dances with Wolves is a fantastic film. It is my favorite movie. It is, in my opinion, the best movie ever.