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There is not one thing i disliked about this movie, clever indiana jones style mystery, fun jokes, witty a love story just have it all ...its perfect for whenever you want to relax! 10/10 on my scale! Well done, really well done! I just cant believe that i did not saw it earlier how this jam slipped trough my fingers all this years!? Just see it, and buy a dvd copy its worth!
ENJOYED THIS THE DEEP but with charming lunatics..favorite british actor, ray winstone, doing a southern accent..matthew mcconaughey and kate hudson were perfectly cast..and alexis dziena in all her petiteness - i've noticed the women who have best played bimbos are all intelligent individuals..i give you lucille ball, jamie pressly, julia louis-dreyfus, christina applegate, to name a few..dziena is among this group-she is a drummer and writes plays..(actual bimbos are not acting; you must be able to distinguish the difference to act like one or the other)..TAKE A HOLIDAY TO THE ISLANDS AND HUNT TREASURE WITH THESE NUTS.
Please be aware that the run time displayed on Moviefone about this movie is NOT correct. I checked it before I went to see the movie bc I was going to be cutting it close, watching the movie and then getting to pick up my kids on time after school. So, taking the 95 minute run time as posted on moviefone, i figured i had plenty of time....including the trailers. So, The movie gets into the really good part where they find the gold and begin to fight off the bad guys and I have to LEAVE! When I left, I was about 110 minutes into the actual movie, not including trailers. I would assume that there was at least another 10-15 minutes of the show remaining. It was incredibly frustrating to have to leave during the best part of the movie bc the Moviefone info was WRONG! GGRRRR.... My guess is that you are looking at at least 2 hours to watch the movie in it's entirely. Other than that, I thought it was a cute movie. Funny, sexy....great date movie. Hope you have better luck than me. Guess I'll just have to go back and watch it all over again. Worth it I guess. Matthew is definately easy on the eyes!
MATT if your not gay you should be KATE playing dizzy is played out you both have been so much better this new agents are needed Public stay home
this guy alex is hot... enough said... dnt report me i value my spot on and wtihout it i'd be a TRAIN WRECK!!
This movie reminded me of a National Treasure movie.Love Matthew and Kate . . . but the movie dragged and was nothing great! It was just ok.. .
Seems that everytime I read a movie critic's review and they love it...I hate it. And when they hate it...I LOVE it. Because of this, I now go to movies that they give bad ratings to and I haven't gone wrong yet. I go to the movies to be entertained, not get a life lesson. I enjoyed this movie for what it was...ENTERTAINMENT!! Matthew and Kate are great together and who doesn't love a treasure hunt??? This movie was 2 hours of fun. I would pay again to see it. I don't know what these movie critics base their reviews on but they've lost sight of what people go to a movie for. So ignore the critic reviews and go and see this escape from reality with beautiful scenery at every turn. Enjoy it....I sure did!
i watch everymovie that comes out this was a great tresure hunt movie for the riches of life !! aka love def go see it
Basically, The treasure they refered to in the movie is the artifacts that I personally found. Don't believe it? I didnt know they could do that type of thing without atleast putting you in the credits and or compensating you in some way or another. Im totally shocked...but the movie was great other than that. On the website is a a picture of the things I found and that were referred to "the items off vero beach" the cannon, the sword, the two silver platters, the sliver bowl...unreal. My companies name is A-1 Diving ( and the name is Tom Boyd. Atleast maybe I can get alittle credit. We all worked very hard to find those artifacts...the least those hollywood millionares could do would be to acknowledge us in some form or another. Maybe im overreacting here, but its really hard to not feel cheated...the signifigances were too close to ignore for me. But for the record after the first 1hr15 mins....I had nothing to do with that mess...haha. I give this move two thumbs up!
I'm sorry but this movie was awful. After seeing "How to Lose I guy in Ten days", which I enjoyed with my gf, even as a guy, I thought these two would make another good movie. However even after an hour into it it was so slow and kept draging on. The captains's daughter is so annoying its not even cute or funny you just wanna slap her. I literally walked out on this movie as did two other couples. I usually never agree with reviews because I usually enjoy a lot of what they feel is stupid or bad. However this time they are on the money, trust me go save you money and see something else. All I know is it wasnt even close to a National treasure as someone said earlier, both of those films I really enjoyed. Can't wait for vantage point now that looks good, even "Deffinitely maybe" looks good lol.