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Oops nevermind this last comment, I mistakenly thought I was on the series page.
The vamps in the show are a special take on the vamps in the movie, they added all the background material that was suggested in the final scene of the movie, where you see the temple structure carved into the cliff behind the Titty Twister. The whole thing is canonically sound, they just added to the original story. The vamps in the movie also look ghoulish, that was what made FDTD so special compared to all the other classic vamp movies of the era. They are pretty close to the originals:
@virgo02 It's a good example of how tastes and perceptions can differ widely from person to person... the vampires in this movie are one of my favorite parts.
Oh geesh, i watched this tonight after having watched the latest episode of the series and i gotta tell you that it could have been a lot better if they had just made the vampires look good. This movie has a decent storyline(except for Ritchie killing the lady in the hotel)so, my question is "why did they have to make the vampire soo ugly?" lol. That African American biker dudes face looked horrible!!!
the other night i said to my when he asked me what i wanted "What do you think i want you mean old bastard?"
Had to watch this again after watching the new series. Still a great classic film
@testsubject666 Sorry… and Robert Rodriguez also delivers the best! :-D
Still one of my fav's to date. Dont forget Selma sexy self
This is a fantastic film, the combination of director Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino is just epic in so many ways.An instant classic.
@paddster16 What about the great director Robert Rodriguez? Tatantino only wrote the script and acted.