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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002

Harry ignores warnings not to return to Hogwarts, only to find the school plagued by a series of mysterious attacks and a strange voice haunting him...

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Was I the only one at times who yawned? I liked it.
an improvement on the first one
Sequels seldom live up to their predecessors, but in the case of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, director Chris Columbus takes the magic and spirit of the first film, and adds fast-paced action scenes that excite and thrill audiences. The effects are spectacular and the young cast seem more comfortable in their roles compared to the first addition in the series. Chamber of Secrets is a lighter adaptation than the following films, but I think that's mostly because the core audience in 2002 was young children, and not the wider, more diverse one the series now shares.
Harry Potter is back for his second year at Hogwarts, and this time he knows how to use his wand, and a sword...and a light-saber! Ok, that was a bit of a stretch. But at least Harry knows how to use a wand.

This second movie for the series takes a turn for the better. It also has the tendency to be a bit darker, and more frightening then the first Potter film for all ages. Ok, I have to admit that this movie shouldn't be seen by people less then the age of nine, but then again I know that some of you have seen Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame at a very young age and never got scared. But just to warn you guys, Harry and his friends get off to a nerve-wracking start and throughout the film one can find a lot of suspensful moments that seem to be a practically very dark turns for a kids film. And trust me, this film has some very bloody battles as well as some gruesome content, I've checked.

Scary moments aside, this film really works wonders. It goes a step beyond what I expected it to achieve, and almost all of its plot hold true to the ones in the book, with all of the delightful twists, challenges, and suprizes you'd be expecting.

And as for all new things in films, they also bring new characters along with them. Most of the actors and actoressess in this film are spot-on in portraying their roles. My favorite new character in this movie, Lucius Malfoy, is oddly enough played by none other then Jason Isaacs, who happens to be my favorite actors and thought he was pretty well suited for the evil and snotty Lucius.

In a lot of the film, Hogwarts itself really comes to life, largely due to the camera shots sweeping in through a window or over the massive castle - it feels a lot more 'rounded' and the Quidditch match benefits from a makeover and improved SFX.

 Also, unlike some other fantasy films, the CGI is never over used and doesn't smother the screen.

As for my overall score, it's a firm 90%. Yes, it doesn't get the outstanding score because, even though this film does cast a wonderful spell of jewel-like enchantment on the viewer, and is a treat to watch and enjoy to its fullest, especially for HP fans, I was expecting a bit more from it. Nevertheless, it's a fun movie filled with a wry sense of humor, awesome action, and a thoroughly engaging story. It's well worth the watch.

So put on that cauldron and boil it!
Once again, Chris Columbus has directed another masterpiece. The movie never gets boring and the acting in it was better than the first.
A birght and cheery romp that is far better than the two films following it. Arguably the best in the series, Chamber of Secrets is a delightful story of magic and whimsy that you'd expect from Harry Potter.

Life is still not good for young Harry (Daniel Radcliffe); his uncle (Richard Griffiths) has locked Hedwig in her cage, not to mention that he has absolutely no contact with his best friends Ron (Rupert Grint) or Hermione (Emma Watson). Oh, yes, there's also a house-elf (vocie of Toby Jones) trying to prevent him from returning to school. The elf's methods eventually wind up having Harry locked in his room.

Luckily Fred and George Weasley (James and Oliver Phelps) are to the rescue. Harry is sprung and winds up at the Burrow, with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley (Mark Williams and Julie Walters), not to mention Ginny (Bonnie Wright), who is rather taken with Harry.

Back at the school, terrible things are happening. It seems a monster is being released by the true Heir of Slytherin and attacking the Muggle-borns at the school. (Their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Kenneth Branagh) is no help whatsoever). Malfoy (Tom Felton) is a prime suspect, until everyone starts to point fingers at someone else- Harry. Things look grim until Tom Riddle (Christian Coulson) shows him his memories, which instead pin the blame and Harry's biggest friend.

This film is full of humor, heart, and basically anything you could want in a film. Why they ever replaced Chris Columbus, I'll never know.
Chris Columbus again does justice to the book and this time adds a level of darkness that was missing in the first. The second book was more intriguing and thus the second film is also. The darkness and an erray of new characters and superbly created creatures will keep anyone of any age glued to the screen another modern day masterpiece.
Even with most of the backstory present in the first film, Chamber of Secrets is far too similar and slow to be distinguished on its own. The hope that the series would start to pick up after the introductions were made was apparently too far of a stretch for Columbus, and as such, the second part is exciting only in the fact that it was interesting to see the pages' story come alive. Some impressive special effects lend a hand in helping to try and salvage a story that should have been more exciting. It is impossible to say the movie was a let-down, however, because like the first, the script stayed true to its original and was still fun to watch.
Better than the first since we are now done with the introduction aspect of the first. Still the start with Potter's relatives is taxing. The story is better as there is more going on with this installment however there are more annoying characters as well, see the kid photographer and Brannagh. Still the movie is drawn out with just about every cliche you can expect in this style of movie that it becomes tiresome toward the end.
While Chamber was my least favourite book, along with Phoenix, this movie is the best so far, besides the first.
All of the characters are spot-on, it stays utterly true to the story, which to me is what all of the movies should have done. The first two are definitely the best translations from book to movie, and they really give the feel the books give, something I find very much missing in the following films.