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Into the Blue 2005

A group of divers find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane...

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Super sexy thriller with Paul Walker and Scotty Kahn. Not a huge Jessica Alba fan but here's a great underwater ride that will take you through.
Miss you Paul.
The Trailer for Into The Blue was somewhat mediocre and the fact that this movie has been sitting on the shelf for some time (credits date it as a 2004 production) made me wonder so I didn't expect much from today's press screening. As it tuns out I was pleasently surprised, not a great film, but worth seeing on the big screen (especially for guys...):D

The plot revolves around a young scuba diving couple Jared (Paul Walker) and Sam (Jessica Alba) would be prospectors struggling to make a decent living. The remote chance of making it big becomes more tangible as Jared and Sam hook up with some friends: the lawyer Bryce and his girl-friend Amanda. Together they dive, have fun and enjoy the villa Bryce's defendant has provided for them. On a diving trip they accidentally stumble across a cargo plane stocked with a vast load of drugs. Indecisive at first the treasure hunters embark on a series of events that leads them from bad to worse and soon the raiders are the ones who become the hunted.

Basically this movie is nothing much out of the ordinary, a fairly good plot, great underwater shots but most striking of all a stunningly hot Jessica Alba. She makes the already great underwater shots absolutely wonderful! Especially during the initial diving scenes they really milk her looks for what they're worth having her swim by the camera stretching out her chest well you get the idea. I've never been too much of a Jessica Alba fan because while hot she's kinda not my type, but in this film she was so incedibly hot that now I'm really into her. A very nice Puppi!

Okay back to the film. The plot moves fast enough and is enticing enough to carry the film. Again it's not a masterpiece but a nice movie for inbetween. Noramlly I'd give it a seven but with Ms. Alba in there as hot as she is I had to bump it up to an 8!

Movie Review: Into the Blue

This is exactly the type of movie that I like to review. Yes, that's right; I am excited to review "Into the Blue." Movies like this are typically not very well liked by most critics. Okay let's be blunt, they get ripped apart, but I normally enjoy them. I typically find these movies very entertaining, and this is exactly how I found "Into the Blue." Starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba this ocean adventure action movie arrives in theaters September 30.

When trying to summarize the plot, I kind of get stuck at what to say. There really isn't that much of a plot. The movie didn't really seem to be going anywhere for the first hour, but then the plotline kicked in. At one point I thought the movie was going to just be about them treasure hunting daily it got so long. The movie runs an hour and fifty minutes and could easily have been cut down a little. Jared (Walker) is a treasure hunter who happens to find a buried shipwreck. He then tries to search for treasure with the help of his girlfriend Sam (Alba), an old friend Bryce (Scott Caan) and Bryce's new fling Amanda (Ashley Scott). Well this unique group of treasure hunters doesn't have the necessary funds to do the digging. But low and behold, they also find a recently crashed plane in the water, stuffed to the brim with blocks of cocaine. Oh the decisions to be made. Do you sell drugs to get money, or find a legit way to fund the dig? And that is where the movie takes off.

Okay, the normal gripes to this movie I can agree with. First off, the writing is pretty bad. With the exception of the jokes, I really thought the writing was pretty poor. The acting is on about the same level. Paul Walker may have the sun tanned skin, cut body, and board shorts that are way too low, but it's all an exterior, because it tries to cover up and take away from the fact that his acting was real disappointing. He tried too hard to be angry and it just came off as someone who really didn't care about the situation but was trying to act like they did. He was good in the action scenes though, I feel like this type of role may be better suited for him. And next up, Jessica Alba. Well every person knows she wasn't put in this movie to act. It was so people could see her frolic around in a blue bikini. But you know what; she didn't do a bad job. She actually was pretty convincing in her action scenes, and has the potential to get some more action roles. But the one quirk that got to me was the accents. I swear I think every actor had a different accent, and they all sounded so fake, that it was really a waste. I was ready to ask them to just speak in their normal voices and spare us.

Well now that I have finished my minor ranting about how the story actually lacked a true point, I can get to the good stuff. I have this vision that whenever an action movie gets planned; the writer sits down and says to himself, "How can I make this movie have really bad one liner jokes?" Well fortunately for the writer and to my complete and utter shock, the movie is actually funny. In fact, I laughed more in this than I did in some of this year's comedies. Bryce (Scott Caan) steals the show and is consistently filling that void of the funny sidekick. Now everyone loves a good treasure hunt, and the fact that the hunting is below the surface of the water, is amazing. The underwater camera shots are really something special. They really bring a lot of depth (I had to do it) to the movie. But the main thing that makes this movie worth seeing is the fact that it is so entertaining. Never once did I turn away from the screen, or sigh in desperation of boredom. I am pleased to say that "Into the Blue" held my attention for its entire length. As predictable as I thought the movie would be, I was once again proven wrong. There are a few interesting twists thrown at the audience, although some can be guessed, more so than not, they do surprise.

"Into the Blue" went into high gear for its ending. This is the point when the movie became no holds barred, and truly showed it was an entertaining, high velocity adventure movie. The ending was a little exaggerated, and a little overblown, but it was still within reality. My only reaction to the ending was "wow," and that I knew right away that I wanted to see it again. There are many of those ever so popular "Ohhh" moments, where the entire audience will either scream or get very involved in the movie. And unlike most PG-13 movies nowadays, "Into the Blue" is actually violent, and shows its violence. Using a multitude of weapons from spear guns to actual guns, and even some underwater animals, "Into the Blue" is not for a young audience. The level of gore is higher than most PG-13 movies, and audiences should be forewarned.

"Into the Blue" is a summer movie that was released in September. No doubt, it is trying to win the crowd that goes to summer movies, because nothing of that nature has come out recently. I enjoyed the movie and found it very entertaining. It won me over, and I would definitely see it again. If you are the type of person that likes to see a movie where you have fun, or just like to see a tropical paradise that I currently wish I was enjoying, then this movie is for you. You might as well give it a chance, the worse thing that happens is you get entertained or you have your daily fill of Jessica Alba or Paul Walker.
Although as a red-blooded American male, I can easily watch Jessica Alba in a bikini any day, that isn't enough to make me sit in a theater and watch this film. Neither Alba nor Paul Walker are good actors anyway, and to get them to both lead in a film is just bad casting to begin with.

Not to mention that this sat on the shelves for over a year because no one was stupid enough to distribute it until MGM had a synapse misfire and think they could make some money.

Oh sure, the brain-dead masses of teenagers - and especially teenage boys - will go to this movie, but then again, they don't have much going for them in the way of intelligence.

I don't even think I'll watch this when it comes out on DVD.
Into the Blue, an underwater action/adventure/thriller directed by John Stockwell (Blue Crush, Crazy/Beautiful) from a script by Matt Johnson (the deliriously bad, if nonetheless splendid, Torque), may be, in the final analysis, disposable escapist fare hampered by script deficiencies, but it also manages to be a sporadically entertaining, engaging flick, due primarily to the underwater photography and crisply directed action scenes, shot and edited unobtrusively without the standard issue quick cuts or overactive camerawork. Audiences bored or unengaged by the admittedly ill-fitting storyline can simply sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds (sights and sounds of underwater life that would be perfectly at home in a Jacques Cousteau documentary).

Set in the Bahamas (the island of New Providence), Into the Blue follows the changing fortunes of Jared (Paul Walker), a recently fired diving instructor, and his girlfriend Sam (Jessica Alba), a shark handler in a local aquatic park. Jared dreams of repairing his rusting, leaky boat and becoming a full-time salvager (a/k/a treasure hunter). His prospects, however, look dim and his individualistic ethos stops him from joining the crew of a well-financed salvager (and potential business rival), Bates (Josh Brolin, nearly unrecognizable in sunglasses and goatee). He still has Sam, though. Jared and Sam are typed as a "pure" romantic couple, motivated by selflessness, integrity, and self-sacrifice (that and keeping their bodies sleekly toned and tanned).

Jared and Sam's near-idyllic life is interrupted by the arrival of Jared's longtime friend, Bryce (Scott Caan), an amoral, criminal defense attorney and Bryce's newly acquired playmate, Amanda (Ashley Scott), a party girl into recreational drugs. When Jared and Bryce meet at the local airport, their greeting turns into wrestling each other on the floor of the airport, typical of homosocial bonding displays among ostensibly straight men (and bound to raise an eyebrow in knowing audiences when it's repeated later in the film). Thanks to his law firm, Bryce has unrestricted access to a former client's house and boat. On a free dive, the two couples discover artifacts buried in the sand that might have belonged to a fabled, 19th-century ship, the Zephyr. If found, the Zephyr promises to make the salvagers wealthy (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, apparently). In the first of several complications (followed, of course, by multiple reversals for the characters, including ever present sharks), they discover a semi-intact, downed cargo plane near the Zephyr's presumed location. The cargo plane is no ordinary plane, however. It contains more than 800 kilos of cocaine. Of course, the current owners of the downed cargo plane want their merchandise returned to them.

Topside, the four characters debate their next course of action. If they inform the local authorities, they'll also lose their claim to the sunken treasure ship (a key plot point turns on whether the characters can find an object or artifact that clearly identifies the Zephyr). Per his "tempter" role, Bryce suggests selling some of the drugs to finance the expensive equipment they'll need to uncover the Zephyr, leaving the two couples at odds with each other. Needless to say, the conflict between the two groups leads to another reversal, the involvement of a drug lord, Reyes (James Frain), multiple day and nighttime dives, with and without scuba equipment, the exposure of a hidden villain, several violent deaths or bloody injuries, including one particularly gory injury that somehow made it past the ratings board, and a predictable, action-oriented resolution (again, mostly underwater).

With a semi-derivative storyline (partly borrowed from Peter Benchley's follow-up to the more successful Jaws, The Deep, a novel centered on divers and sunken treasure), a generic score peppered with contemporary hip hop and rock songs (all of them equally generic), underwritten dialogue (some of it, as expected, unintentionally laughable), derivative characters (and predictable character arcs), and several unresolved plot threads, Into the Blue seems to have little worth recommending to paying audiences. It does, however, due to the striking underwater photography, a primary reason for director Stockwell's involvement (he's an experienced surfer and diver). Using a separate team for the underwater scenes (more than 70% of Into the Blue takes place on or under the water), Stockwell was able to obtain breathtaking shots of the clear, pristine, blue-green water and the teeming marine life, including manta rays and sharks. Thankfully, it also means that Into the Blue relies minimally on digital effects (most obviously at the climax, a shot likely to elicit laughs).

With so much of the film's running time occurring underwater, the primary roles demanded heavy physicality from the actors, especially Paul Walker, who seems to spend half his time underwater without the benefit of scuba equipment. Of course, a secondary reason (at least for some viewers), for recommending Into the Blue centers on the lead actors, Paul Walker and Jessica Alba, both of whom spend most of the film's running time half-naked (a cynical viewer might call their clothing deficit equal opportunity exploitation) and underwater. Few viewers are likely to complain about the visuals (e.g., the underwater photography or the physically appealing actors), even if the performances are, at best, adequate. In the actors' defense, however, the script for Into the Blue makes few demands on the actors, and when it asks Walker and Alba to share a romantic scene together, they're hampered by substandard dialogue.
"Blue" is a complete blast
I am very ashamed to admit that I loved this film. If you ask anyone that I know they would tell you I have always bashed Paul Walker. My friend and I went to see this film so we could make fun of him. Despite this, he gave a descent performance that I couldnt make fun of. Into the Blue has descent acting, (much better than expected), incredible action, an interesting plot, and scenic panaramics. Although the critics are bashing this, (and I thought I would be too) it is easily worth the money for admission. Also, Jessica Alba is very easy on the eyes. If you like sharks or other marine life, you can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenes that help make this film very appealing. Into the Blue is a surprisingly good action flick that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final curtain goes down.
Ok so when the sole promotion is a hot ass in a bikini you know the movie is gonna suck. Yes Jessica Alba is hot. That carries the movie for a scene or 2 before we are saying plot please. You dont get one. When they attempt to give you one they fail. Stay home and jack off to the trailer, it much better.
Another movie with friends. Granted this movie could have been A LOT worse, it still wan't all that great. On the nose dialogue and shotty continuity really killed it for me. It wasn't remotely original in any way shape or form. It was just another excuse to get beautiful people to take their clothes off. But whatever floats your boat. You don't have much to look forward to when the highlight of the movie is when the character bitch gets eaten by a shark. A decent renter, at best. But don't get too excited there isn't much intelligence here.
This movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Granted there were alot of body shots of Jessica Alba's abs and butt I could've done without but it actually had a halfway interesting plot. I love Paul Walker's lips, omigosh. Anyway go see it since nothing else good came out this week.