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Matilda 1996

Story of a wonderful little girl, who happens to be a genius, and her wonderful teacher vs. the worst parents ever and the worst school principal imaginable...

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truely an excellant movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4year old niece looks and talks just like MATILDA!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT 10/10
Love it 10/10
This is one of my favorite movies! It never gets old. Matilda is the best. 10/10-Rate
what other movies do you recommend it doesnt have to be from the same people as Matilda answer when you see this please thank you
hi and i will check out those other movies that you recommended
Agreed. She's very sweet. I loved the book by Dahl, and I thought the movie adaptation was well done. Since you liked Mara Wilson (the child actress--now 25 years old!), you may also enjoy her in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street. I don't think it's nearly as good as the original, but I do think Wilson did a good job. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman also did an excellent job in Matilda movie. My absolute favorite Dahl adaptation is James and the Giant Peach. Wilson isn't in it, but if you like Dahl, check it out. Oh! Witches is good as well ;-)). I've purchased copies of all three of the Dahl movies I mentioned as well as countless Dahl books for children of friends, and they've enjoyed them.
who thinks matilda is a cute girl thumbs up if you agree
Matilda is a cute girl
love this movie thumbs up if you agree
I love this film, so old, yet it sends back so many good memories.