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Clint Eastwood directed and played a primary role in this unforgetable film. Hilary Swank's performance is absolutely outstanding! Morgan Freeman adds just the right touch. Rate this 10/10. I will be watching this again!
Wish it would have ended with her kicking the last girls @$$. Oh well, it was still a great film!
This movie was awesome - not a happy ending but thats ok - I still loved it anyways...
Moving, entertaing, and exceptional describe this excellent movie that will take your emotions on a terribly rough ride.
I'm sorry, but I just don't like this movie. At all. I guess I just don't get it.
A well-acted and ocasionally touching drama.
A gripping tale of trying to reach your dream and friendship.The movie is beautifully filmed.The camera angels are good.The lighting gives the movie some sort of feeling to it.The movie is happy at first but be warned that the movie doesn't end that way.
Clint Eastwood yet again triumphs! Million Dollar baby had great strength and a powerful impact on me.This film hits you where it hurts,if you get my drift.The relationship between Swank and Eastwood was fascinating to watch,and the storyline was brilliant...5 out of 5 stars!
This one was quite hard to watch. Anytime someone falls that hard it's almost unbearable. It was definitely very emotion and I thought it was well done, but it wasn't something i could really get into.
Clint Eastwood was an Alien. Im Speechless through the movie. Unforgettable masterpiece.