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Miracle 2004

Miracle tells the true story of Herb Brooks (Russell), the player-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the seemingly invincible Russian squad...

Release Date:
February 6, 2004
135 min
Mark McConchie, Alexander Kalugin, Sean McCann, Kurt Russell, L. Harvey Gold, Tony Vogel, Kurt Evans, Ted Friend, Peter Kelamis, Zinaid Memisevic, Don S. Davis, Ellie Harvie, Daniel Bacon, Fred Keating, Brent Chapman, Patricia Clarkson, Susan Astley, Richard Yee, Lisa Marie Caruk, Noah Emmerich, Eddie Cahill, Nathan West, Ty Olsson, Peter Shinkoda, Bill Mondy, Richard Nixon, Malcolm Stewart, Bill Jones, Kenneth Welsh, Kwesi Ameyaw, Gerald Ford, Phil Hayes, Michael Kopsa, Jerry Brown, Julius Chapple, Richard Cummins, Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, Igor Morozov, Tom Butler, John Chancellor, Mark Burgess, Michael Mantenuto, Kenneth Mitchell, Chris Shaw, Sarah-Anne Hepher, Mike Cleven, Eric Peter-Kaiser, Chris Rowland, Jason Wong, Beverley Breuer, Pete Duffy, Andrew Johnston, Sarah Hayward, Al Michaels, Sasha Lakovic, Sam Skoryna, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Ryan Johnson, Patrick O'Brien Demsey, Bobby Hanson, Joseph Cure, Billy Schneider, Nate Miller, Chris Koch, Kris Wilson, Steve Kovalcik, Nick Postle, Casey Burnette, Scott Johnson, Trevor Alto, Robbie MacGregor, Joe Hemsworth, Adam Knight, Evan Smith, Tatiana Loutchaninova, Mariko Kage, Michael Ronnekleiv, Bill Finck, Wanda Sturtevant, Alvie Leeper, Garry Monahan, John Ashbridge, Steve Pascal, Terry Lemky, Bob Morton, Ryan Walter, David Short, Birchana Caldwell, Ken Dryden, Jim McKay, Will Lauder, Jason Marshall, Rob Vos, Greg Wilkes, Toni Bader, Rob Busch, Randy Favaro, Paul Nash, Todd Harkins, Jeff Jubenville, Tyler Kuntz, Ian Lampshire, Mike MacWilliam, Angelo Maggio, Stephan Marc, Brandon Misky, Tim Preston, Mark Kitts, Brent Thurston, Graham Walker, Dan Walton, Roger Watts, Casey Bartzen, Troy Dalton, Rick Dietrich, Randy Heath, Jason Jennings, Kevin Potvin, Brian Rasmussen, Ryan Thorpe, Marko Segovic, Dave Stewart, Tom Andersen, Chad Grisdale, Rob Murray, Ryan Thrussell, Steve Wilijto, Frank Defrenza, Dan Fortuna, Steve Hanline, Aaron Mori, Milan Dragicevic, Lada Hampeis, Clayton McGovern, Shawn Snesar, Paul Stark, Marijan Ivanisec, Dave Tomlinson, Brad McDonald, Joey Neale, Gabe Krhan, Daren Webb, Herb Brooks, Billy Carter, Betty Ford, Pete Duffy, Ryan Johnson, Bill Jones, Chris Rowland ...
Drama, History, Family, Sport ...

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Imdb rating: 7.5

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It won't be a miracle this time, but it would still be grand to see Team USA claim another Olympic victory over the Russians early this morning.
This is probably one of the best sports movies to date. Kurt Russell was commendable as Herb Brooks and they did a decent job capturing the vibe of this historic hockey game and what it meant to a nation. You don't have to be a sports fan to appreciate this film.
one of the best sports movies I have ever seen

No bjoconner50 this is a great movie and all but "Goon" is the greatest sport film of all time!!

Some good movies to check out!! ( btw, The book "Mystic River" gets a 10)

The "underdog defies all odds" story has been done to death in cinematic history. This particular adaption is based on a true story. But it doesn't bring anything original or new to the genre and plays by the books. The ending is expected, the story unoriginal. By the end of the film, i couldn't honestly remember the names of any of the players cept for craig the goalie. And thats only because "craig saves the goal" seems to be repeated ad nausem in the film.

Its an unabashedly feel good and manipulative film. And precisely because it does what it set out to do, it manages to make for a fairly entertaining, if by the numbers film. Its watchable, if a tad predictable. An entertaining formulaic film for the whole family. I actually enjoyed this underdog film.
Eurotrip tries to stuff as much sex as it can into the film. While I'm not complaining, I came for a comedy, where it falls a bit short.

Miracle ably re-creates the magic of the 1984 Olympics, making us believe that miracles truly do happen.

50 First Dates is an average comedy where we look forward Barrymore's acting moreso than Sandler's antics.

The Passion of the Christ is a well-intentioned film but as a film to educate, it does not succeed.
A pretty friggin good sports filck about the 1980 olympic hockey team (comprised of amateurs) that executed one of the most miraculous upsets in sports history. This film luckily avoids many sports movie cliches by focusing more on the coach than the players. Overall, it's a well-done movie with some truely great moments.

Miracle is a pretty average sports drama, focusing on the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, which is the first time anybody had beaten the Soviets for the gold medal in 16 years. The movie is made by Disney and tries to uplift Americans into working together and believing in theirselves and all that crap. What the movie does not tell you, however, is after the U.S. team won the gold in this year, most of them broke off from eachother and played pro hockey, and in the next Olympics not only did the Soviets win the gold again, but the U.S. team hasn't received a gold medal since.

The main story has been done a billion times over again, because Hollywood is obviously in love with this plot. Mighty Ducks, Bad News Bears, Hoosiers, Wildcats, Little Giants... all movies about a hardass coach and a ragtag group of players who must work together to become a great team and defeat the big scary team.

Kurt Russell plays the coach (Herb Brooks) perfectly. He is dramatic, and demanding, and there is just no words to show how great he is in the movie. The rest of the actors on the casting list aren't so great however. None of the twenty boys on the team do you ever truly care about, and seeing them get pounded into the ice, therefore, has virtually no effect on the viewer.

Another thing that damages this movie is that you already know what's going to happen. The story could have been developed by a computer it's so simple. It's obvious who is going to win at the end; there are just no surprises here.

However, the movie is written very well. It is inspiring and emotional, which was the way it was meant to be. It is released at a good time, and many things in the movie are obvious parallels to life 24 years later. Overall, Miracle is just very generic, with the exception of Russell's standout performance.
Miracle is a sports drama about the 1980 US Olympics team and their attempt to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a gold medal.

This true story directed by Gavin O'Connor is basically about Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) and how he deals with his young handpicked players. Brooks himself was a hockey player who got cut from the Olympic team and now he must deal with the new generation players.

Though the player actors aren't great their are two notable performances. Patricia Clarkson is the cliched overworking coaches' wife but she brings new wit to the role. In a very good performance Russell perfectly displays Herb Brooks. His performance is only a knotch below oscar-worthy.

All in all this is an inspiring masterpiece despite it's flaws and obvious predicabilty. I give this a 7/10 rating or ***. Just Remeber, Go USA.
Miracle (2004)
Very well-made sports movie. I wasn't really into hockey back in 1980, but even I was aware of the US "miracle on ice" when we defeated the seemingly-invincible Russian team. Kurt Russell's performance as coach Herb Brooks is right on. The hockey games are well done and very exciting.

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)
I thought this was a very well-made example of an unconventional romantic comedy. The theme of rebuilding someone's life after betrayal and heartbreak is treated with warmth and humor. Diane Lane has long been one of my favorite actresses, and she gives a very fine performance here, as does the whole supporting cast. It's beautifully filmed, especially in the subtle changes in the rundown villa, the rennovation of which is the extended metaphor for the rebuilding of Frances's life, something which is always present but never overwhelms the characters. I found it to be a very enjoyable film.