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Music and Lyrics 2007

A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Though he's never written a decent lyric in his life, he sparks with an offbeat younger woman with a flair for words...

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cute romantic comedy with hugh grant and drew barrymore. they are both pretty funny, and there are some great supporting characters
Music and Lyrics (2007)
Genre: Comedy | Music | Romance
IMDb Rating: 6,5/10 from 57 942 users
Director: Marc Lawrence
Starring: Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Scott Porter
Cheery Alex Fletcher lives comfortably in Manhattan off the residuals from his 80s pop success and reprising his hits at school reunions, theme parks, and state fairs. But those gigs are declining, so he jumps at the chance to write a song and record it with reigning teen idol Cora Corman. Trouble is, hes good at melodies but needs a lyricist and has less than a week to finish. Enter Sophie Fisher, subbing for a friend who waters Alexs plants; shes a pretty good poet, quick witted, and could do it, if shed agree. But there’s some sort of shadow over her head that Alex may not be able to charm his way past. And what if they do get a song written, what then?
Party for me tonight! Man I love this movie!
If you're secretly or not so secretly feeling nostalgic for early 80s pop music in all its campy glory, then Music and Lyrics, written and direct by Marc Lawrence (Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality) should be on your "must-see" list on Valentine's Day and the heady, romantic-tinged days that follow. Remember Wham!, a chart-topping pop band fronted by George Michael? Remember Michael's writing and singing partner, Andrew Ridgeley? Probably not. Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), the central character in Music and Lyrics, is modeled after Ridgeley. Like Ridgeley before him, Fletcher fades into semi-comfortable obscurity while the fictitious PoP!'s other half, Colin Thompson (Scott Porter), goes on to a successful career as a solo artist and as an actor.

Twenty years after his success with PoP!, Fletcher performs their old hits at amusement parks, county fairs, or high school reunions for his dwindling, aging fanbase. On the brighter side, Fletcher' is seriously mulling over an offer to take part in a new reality television show, "Battle of the 80s' Has-Beens." His business manger, Chris Riley (Brad Garrett), hits on a potentially lucrative deal when Cora Corman (Haley Bennett), a massively popular pop star bigger than Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera combined, offers Fletcher the chance to write her next song. Fletcher has to overcome two immediate hurdles: the song already has a title, "Way Back to Love," and he has less than 48-hours to write and submit a demo. If Fletcher gets the gig, Cora will duet with him, thus revitalizing his moribund career.

Here's the rub: Fletcher can write music but he can't write lyrics. A first try with a supposedly "edgy" songwriter, Greg Antonsky (Jason Antoon), fails miserably, but Fletcher's prospects improve when Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), a woman subbing for his plant lady, drops a rhyme on Fletcher that works with the melody he's composing. Sophie seems to possess raw, natural talent, but she comes with a few quirks. Sophie's also still recovering from a devastating romantic relationship with her ex-college professor, Sloan Cates (Campbell Scott). Cates wrote a thinly disguised bestselling novel about Sophie. Getting Cara and her manager's go ahead doesn't end the complications. It's only the beginning. Cara, it seems, wants to make changes to Alex and Sophie's song.

The performances range from the negligible, e.g., Garrett's incessant mugging better suited for television comedy, to the passably enjoyable, e.g., Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, doing here what they've done countless times before and will do countless times again in the future. Grant's the shallow, self-interested cad who ultimately finds redemption through romantic love. Barrymore's the eccentric, insecure, goofball who never crosses the line into unlikable or unlovable. While Grant and Barrymore have chemistry together onscreen, Barrymore's performance could have benefited from more energy and faster delivery of her lines. It's Haley Bennett as the dim-witted Cara, though who steals every scene she's in. She sings, she dances (or rather writhes mock seductively), but also shows off the comic timing of a pro.

Music and Lyrics never strays from the conventions of the romantic comedy genre. Some of the humor works (e.g., the spoof of 80s-era music videos, the pop-up video gag), some jokes and gags don't (anything involving Brad Garrett), but that's to be expected from a lightweight romantic comedy. Look a little deeper and you'll find the usual conflict between artistic integrity and commerce, between romantic love and self-interest. Which side wins is obvious the first time the descriptive phrase "romantic comedy" gets tossed around. That might sound like a negative, but it's not. What's wrong with extolling the unobjectionable virtues of romantic love and artistic integrity in a mainstream film featuring two attractive leads doing what they do best? Everyone comes out ahead, especially the movie studios. While that might sound too cynical, is there really anything wrong with moviegoers wanting to see themselves in the best possible light?
Same old Same old, the movie is typical and predictable but the story is a tad origional and the music is catchy to a point. If you can stay passed the first 30 mins, Hugh Grant actually becomes funny and the movie actually goes somewhere.

Pop! Goes my Heart might be the song of the year.

(Finally RT's current 65% tomatometer rating is dead on correct!)

the whole film is absolute drivel, the plot has been done so many times it lacks even a slither of originality and if drew barrymore plays another ditzy blond with soul i may start to believe her- not!there was one good line at the beginning - probably to get it out of the way quickly - and the best character was played by the scarily large lady from cheers. the rest of the story was so embarrassing that you can only watch with your fingers over your eyes.
the only watchable bits were the fleeting moment when marc lawrence (there's a name to avoid in future) manages to convey a sense of the music industry's constant need for renewal and the end.
i really hated the movie and couldn't wait for it to be over. i enjoyed watching hugh grant though - he's good for the eyes - and the trailers weren't bad.

A predictable and charming little film that breezes through its duration with a warmth and wit rather uncommon in romantic comedies these days. Music and Lyrics didnt feel me with much hope but I was generally suprised as to how much I enjoyed it this is largely due to the chemistry of its two leading stars the ever reliable Hugh Grant who knows how to deliver one-liners and the charming Drew Barrymore. Music and Lyrics tells the story of washed up 80's star Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) who was in the popular band Pop. Hes given the chance of one final comeback when reigning music queen Cora offers him the chance to right her some lyrics for a new song and they can form a duet. But lyrics arent Alex's thing and he discovers that the woman who waters his plants Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) has a natural talent for writing and encourages her to help him, and a relationship ensues, but nothing is ever simple in these romantic movies is it?

The film starts of with a hilarious 80's video spoof which sees Grant wearing dodgy clothes and sporting a ridicolous hairstyle with some questionable dance moves. Its a hilarious start to a romantic comedy, I mean Grant thrusting his hips and singing is what I define great comedy. Yes the film might not have laugh out loud moments every five minutes but there are moments where you really do chuckle mainly down to Grant's mannerisms and pratfalling, he also delivers one-liners effortlessly, yes he may play the same character over and over again in his films but he still raises a smile with this viewer and hes never looked better. Drew Barrymore is sweet and natural in her role, she has effortless chemistry with Grant and their a couple you can really root for, they hit all the right notes (pardon the pun) in this romantic comedy thats for sure. And Hugh Grant's not a bad singer oh yes the songs are rather catchy if a little cheesy. Music and Lyrics is a charming and well meaningful film, yes its not brilliant, its formalic and I doubt its one I will go see again but it passes the time away nicely, its romantic and sweet, and its rather funny and entertaining, I think most should enjoy it if there after a romantic comedy, after all not many romantic comedies work nowadays but this does.


It is a very charming film that tries to not work off cliches of similar films but compose its own tune. Apocmasta 6/10.

Plus seeing Hugh Grant in a spoof of a big haired, eighties pop-music video makes 'Music and Lyrics' worth a look, if not even an encore. 7/10 JoemovieTack.
Music & Lyrics Review
RT Rating: 65%
****/***** or HIGH B+
Box Office: 19 OW/ 19 Total So Far.

2007 is a year that doesn't look to be very original, we start the year of in January with a horror remake, some generic horror movies, some crappy animated movie, another few sequels thrown in and a comic book adaptation but there are the original movies out there like this that are just so good and fun. There is a good ounce of romance in the film which is something I couldn't guess form the trailer because they never showed it they just showed the comedic bits I didn't know were the romance was going to end and that was fun seeing if the two leads would end up together. Music and Lyrics is such a wonderful Valentines surprise, its funny, its sweet & its charming, just like its leads, even though at some rare times it stalls for just a bit the next scene it picks itself up, you will leave the theatre with a smile.

Bottom Line:
Endearng, charming, delightful, funny & sweet, just so much fun and pure joy.

Friends Reviews:
meinink2y 9/10
The performances and music help to make this a memorable movie experience.
VinceVaughn 7/10
Music and Lyrics is a charming and well meaningful film, yes its not brilliant, its formalic but it passes the time away nicely, its romantic and sweet, and its rather funny and entertaining,
ApocMasta 6/10
I did end up enjoying the film and left the theatre singing the song they made! It is a very charming film that tries to not work off cliches of similar films but compose its own tune