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Ive watched this movie twice, and always ended up falling asleep on the second hour of it.
So I pushed myself to watch it properly this time.
The first hour is proberbly the funniest hour Ive ever had with a movie.
The last 40 minutes are just a waste in my opinion. Very boring and hardly funny. I just wished it would end already.
I couldn't watch the last 30 minutes. A vaguely funny movie that deteriorated into silliness. I equate silly to stupid- my bad.
it's a jewel!! lol
I really enjoyed this movie. I was starting to think that these movies were starting to lose ground with me but this movie rekindled my interests. I loved it even though I am not all that into pot jokes but it was good action and I like the emphasis on friendship. I totally fell in love with James Franco, :). Awesome
One of the funniest films I've ever seen. A great mix of comedy and 80's action pastiche. The screenplay was so close to how I act and talk it scared me.
I just came back from a month early advanced screening of Pineapple Express in Century City, and this movie totally met my expectations. First off, the movie is extremely funny. I loved Harold and Kumar, and this movie is an even better stoner comedy. Seth Rogen and James Franco are both hilarious, but I'm very surprised with James. I've never seen him in a comedic role like this, and he does a really fantastic job playing a stoner. This film was consistently funny throughout - I've seen Step Brothers and I think it's on par with that film comedy-wise. But the action in this film is the reason why I enjoyed this more. The action moments in this film are bloody, funny, and simply very enjoyable to watch. The supporting cast is also excellent - Craig Robinson, Danny R. McBride, Kevin Corrigan, and Gary Cole are all great additions to this movie. Craig Robinson always has me rolling in every scene he's in. Compared to other Apatow related films, Pineapple Express is no doubt the funniest. The action, comedy, and characters are all top-notch. So far, this is my favorite film of 2008. I loved it.
Vulgarity and Hilarity with a pinch of sweetness makes this yet another Apatow gang classic.
This movie is half "Hot Fuzz", half "Half Baked", with a bit of "Rush Hour" and "Superbad" mixed in. Same ol' Apatow movie, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
why do all stoner movies involve a chase? Either way, Seth Rogan and James Franko have chemistry galore and it should drives this movie right to the bank.