@Misabel13 I hear you, early teens are a pain =P
But yeah I got your point, it's like dirty dancing (obviously not for me, I absolutely hate this movie with passion being forced to watch it by different ex girlfriends).
Willow is great, gave me nightmares for years, but I so loved the movie.
@Nazdroth haha, no hate or anything here. but you know when you are a romantic at heart and a film strikes you when you are in your very early teens there is nothing much you can do to amend it ;-) Oh and I love Willow too!
Ok, sorry for double posting, I might have been a bit out of line there (don't really know though), but as much as I like Cary Elwes, Errol Flinn is and will be the only true Robin Hood to my heart. I don't really think Costner was cut for the role, and to be honest the movie was quite overrated, I like Freeman, Slater but I don't think their acting was so good. Haven't watched it in a long time though, and I so love men in tights that my memories might be biased, bu to me it leaves the same taste in my mouth when I think of this flick and when I think of let's say... Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne? (and I usually have no problem with Val Kilmer since i've seen Willow when I was 5).
Gotta go, need to wash that bad after taste in my mouth.
@Misabel13 and nice props like carbon arrows with plastic feathers even though I can't remember the scene, my archery teacher pointed that fact to me once.
Better watch Men in Tights though, because unlike other Robin Hoods, he can do the english accent.
(please don't hit/hate me)
Oh my oh my oh my.... definitely one of my favourite romantic movies of times! Kevin Costner is just wonderful in this movie and accompanied by a great cast ( Morgan freeman, Christian Slater and Alan Rickman) although Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio isn't very interesting in my opinion, it doesn't matter to the overall. This film is full of adventure, romance, action and a good cast. Not to speak of the soundtrack!
Yesterday my girl told me she asked her little sister to sneak into RT to look if I behave alright LOL....she only told me that I'm more nuts and weirder than she would have ever thought and she couldn't understand why someone could be obsessed with HP, because they are only children books. We argue about this since I saw PS...she simply doesn't get it, that they are not children books.
I have given up to discuss it with her anymore...I told her the pitch of Order and she still finds it childish!

She also said that my posts are very interessting indeed and that she's happy for me, that I found I place, where I am happy and have a lot of fun and can share my obsessions with other ones, who have the same obsessions.
This is one of the reasons, why I love her so much, she's always so understanding - most of the time -

Song of the day: Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse Of The Heart; Queen, Innuendo and Elton John, Candle In The Wind (for Diana)
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The Shawshank Redemption: A very good, very powerful film!
Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman were both excellent (Morgan Freeman usually is though - hence this choice of reviews)!
Didn't realise that that guy who played The Kulgan in Highlander was in it too...

Se7en: Another cracking film! By far Brad Pitts best film (Troy included) - he really lost it at the end of the movie, didn't he!
Probably Morgan's best film too (that I've seen, of course), and almost Kevin Spacey's best too (only just beaten by The Usual Suspects!)
I really like the concept behind this one, the clever way of portraying the seven deadly sins, and I certainly didn't guess the end either - not that I usually try, I like to let a film tell the story rather than try and second guess it.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Wonderful film, this one! One of the very few Kevin Costner movies that I rate highly - still not sure why they needed to cast an American as Robin Hood, but it seems to work.
The shining star of this film, though, has to go to Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham! Most of his dialog was absolutely hysterical!!
The rest of the cast - Morgan Freeman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantanio, Christian Slater, Mike McShane etc etc - were all excellent too!!
This past weekend there was nothing on my parent's movie channels so I was surfing TBS, TNT and USA when I saw that Kiss the Girls was on.
Kiss the Girls
I love the chemistry between Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. She was a strong woman trying to heal from being a victim and Morgan was the wise detective with skillful intuition. I love the sneaky presence of the rapist/kidnapper "Cassanova" played by Cary Elwes. The film teases you with innuendo of other men capable of committing the crime and then "Cassanova" reveals himself. I just suggest that a fan of this movie should never watch it on TNT, TBS or USA because it is disturbing to hear a sexual predator say "I made her. I have made several young women. Is there a crime in that?"
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Yes Kevin Costner was in it. Yes Bryan Adams created a song for it. But Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman both starred in this movie! The two combined stole this movie from Costner, and I am thankful for it! Rickman is good in about anything he stars in, I am not so sure about Dogma, but here he is delectable with his 'spoon carving' anger and his domineering witch-mother yelling advice over his shoulder as he tries to rape Maid Marrion. But Morgan is great as the sidekick to Costner (ugh!) only to reveal in explicit detail how unfunny and stupid Costner really is as Robin Hood.:p
Deep Impact
The idea was great: Freeman as president. It was certainly believable, he had the presence, integrity and intelligence. But for some reasons the writers felt that to create an audacious plot they should work the story around falling asteroids...*sigh* :confused:
Yeah around that point they lost me-thrown in several one-dimensional characters and a lot of water you have the remaining hour and a half!