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Not a great movie, but well worth seeing. The guy from Thor is in it, and he's pretty good. The link from tuebrook is a beautiful thing.

KS doesn't have many looks, CT as the witch was way cool. good story, good special effects. ending left something to be desired but hey you can't have everything.

i like this version of Snow White! the Queen,i mean Charlize Theron, is awsome and she actually has a reason to kill Snow, not just because of her beauty!it's way better than Mirror,Mirror! i must say kristen is trying to grow up; baby steps!hhh

Snow White gets the Sword & Sorcery treatment but it doesn't stand out from the crowd. Charlize Theron is excellent but Kristen Stewart's Snow White lacks charisma and she looks bored most of the time (no doubt 'distracted' by the Director!). Meanwhile, judging by his accent, Chris Hemworth's Huntsman seems to be from Australia via Scotland and the South West of England.

It was ok, enjoyed the plot but the video was not so great.

Compelling movie. I was not bored with it at all. It isn't exactly "exciting" as much as it is dramatic as you route for the underdog (Snow white) in her struggle to evade those out to get her. 8/10

yawn... dont get meworng i love the story of snow white but this take was just so boring didnt bother to finish wacthing

Managed to watch this in Cinema! very good film, worth watching :)

the tortise is realy amazing!!!
as well as film