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One of the best sci-fi movie ever! It went to the tv show that runed for 10 seasons one of the longest running tv shows in that time! I loved it! Just see the movie!
great sci-fi movie. origional idea and it's just entertaining the whole way through. i give it 10 on 10 cause it was good i can't say anything bad about it.
A really fine, entertaining film. The documentary on the ultimate edition DVD entitled "Is There a Stargate?" was fantastic.
Roland Emmerich knows how to entertain.
Intresting storyline and exciting movie.
I really like this movie. James Spader is just great. I think it's a little bit too short though.
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:fresh: 7/10, SF
Despite my conviction that Roland Emmerich is the anti-christ, Stargate is an enjoyable enough SF with an interesting premise involving aliens and ancient Egypt. Do your best to ignore Kurt Russel and his hideous flat-top and you just might enjoy it too.
Ozzy Osbourne : Ozzmosis - Perry Mason

Mainly for the cool headpieces & the Shmoo-Shmeow guy.


A 2nd poop through the Stargate

The first time I saw this I was quite bored. This time...the same.
Joins a long list of films that could have been done better.
Okay set-up...trailing off into indifferent middle...followed by not engaged finale.
Spader and Russel are likable enough. The guy playing Ra is an extraordinary presence. (The actor from "The Crying Game" I believe). The low score is a result of the concept and script. A bit of a lazy effort really.
Visuals are a mixed bag, good fx and designs mixed with okayish ones.

So overall an okay sci-fi idea, but conceived and made in a rather lacklustre fashion.

P.S. Currently watching the 1st Season of the TV series on DVD. To basically see why the show developed such a fan base...Not greatly impressed so far. Reminds me of Star Trek, where they end up contravening their non-interference policies every episode. And/or snobbishly imposing their cultural/political ideas on misguided Alien cultures....Yeah.... right.