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The Animatrix 2003

The Animatrix is a collection of several animated short films, detailing the backstory of the "Matrix" universe, and the original war between man and machines which led to the creation of the Matrix...

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So illuminati xD But it's good also.
Fairly interesting movie, at least most of the short films are in some respect.
Dont bother watching if you're not really into sci-fi, alternate realities or simply a massive fan of the Matrix movies, you'd probably wouldnt like it much.
Wanted to watch it for a long time. Big disappointment, didn't think it was so Japan style. The whole effect / environment is such that I couldn't associate it with the movie. Also, I pictured the original war with the machines quite differently.
When I first saw this movie, I thought it was a pure sci-fi, action movie. It was a totally different movie from 1999. especially a year with Episode 1. I like this movie alot because it was full of ambition with the genre of sci-fi. I thought Reloaded was good enough for what it was. As for Revolutions, it was ok. I just thought the movie was full of cliches and bad dialogue. I like Animatrix as well and would recommend that to anyone. Now, I gotta check out the comics as well.

Mr.M "What is real?"
Animatrix is a awesome dvd that brings the matrix and anime together. Some of the mini stories are pretty boring, but most are not. If you are a major anime freak, watch this movie. This movie gets a 7/10.
What is The Animatrix?

Well, simply put, it's a collection of nine animated shorts based on the world of The Matrix. Simple as that. These stories range from stand-alone stories to prequels to The Matrix Reloaded to even a history lesson of the machine war.

The first is "The Final Flight of the Osiris." This Final Fantasy style short played before the craptacular Dreamcatcher and serves as a prequel to The Matrix Reloaded.

In it, we are introduced to the two main characters as they play a little strip swordplay. The entire scene may seem a little unnecessary, but it's mainly the animators showing off and, believes me, they have a lot to show off. The animation is spectacular and probably the most photo realistic CGI I've ever seen.

Of course, the swordplay ends when they are spotted by Sentinels in the real world and soon, they are on a mission to warn Zion of the upcoming invasion.

"The Final Flight of the Osiris" is smart, sexy, action packed, and amazing to look at.

Next, we have "The Second Renaissance Part One and Two." In these two shorts, we are shown the events leading up to the machine war, the machine war itself, and the machine's enslavement of humanity.

This two-parter is my favorite of the lot. It's done in an animie style and the story is just astounding... pulling no punches with the horrors of war with lots of blood and lots of splatter. The Second Renaissance fills in a huge gap in The Matrix' mythology.

Up next is one of the more disappointing segments called "A Kid's Story" where a high school skateboard kid discovers the truth about the matrix by corresponding with a mysterious person online. The animation is stylistic... but so much to a point where it is ugly and unpleasant to look at. Still, it does answer the question of who the hell that annoying little kid was in The Matrix Reloaded.

The pace picks up again with "Program." Two people, a man and a woman, spar in a Samarai simulation when the guy drops a bomb... he's planning on betraying everyone, returning to the matrix, and living a normal life... and he wants the woman to go with him.

It's a pretty effective story of betrayal and trust with some nice animation and ends with a satisfying twist.

The next segment, "World Record" tells the story about how a determined track star discovers the matrix through the pain of tearing ligaments and straining muscles.

The animation in this cartoon is once again stylized almost to the point of ridiculousness, but the direction sells the surrealism. The event is tense and exciting and then ending is almost heartbreaking.

In "Beyond," we see the story of a young woman looking for her cat who enters an abandoned house and discovers a place where the laws of physics appear to have taken a vacation. Objects float, doors open to nowhere, time and space seem to have gone nutty.

This is a magical mystical story that also ends on a tragic down-note. While the content may seem a little weird, the direction and mystery of the piece really sells it.

One of the more stylish films (and I mean that in a good way this time) is "A Detective Story," a black and white noir movie where a private detective is hired by an unknown party to track down a hacker named Trinity.

Punctuated by an occasional flash of color, "A Detective Story" is an example of the right way to use animation as the detective finds Trinity (voiced by Carrie Anne-Moss) and then comes close to discovering the secret of the matrix.

The last and definitely the most surreal ventures of The Animatrix is "Matriculated." Done in the style of Aeon Flux, this film shows a group of humans living on the surface trying to get machines to identify with humans, rather than hunt them.

A good deal of the story takes place in a kooky virtual environment where a lot of the fun is trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Of course, this one ends on a down-note as well.

On the whole, if you're a fan of The Matrix then The Animatrix is definitely something you should check out. Even though I've enjoyed both Matrix movies (NOTE: I hated Revolutions), I believe that this collection is superior both in direction and imagination.

What is The Animatrix? Well, maybe the answer isn't as simple as I thought.

Lots more movie reviews. What do you think of my Matrix reviews? agree? disagree? Let me know.

Gothika was a good flick. There were a few parts were if I was a puss I would have jumped, but hence... not a puss.

I plan on seeing Hellboy this weekend, I'm pretty stoked for that. in a couple more days GUTS will be home and then it will be movies, movies, movies. Although sadly, no butt-numb-a-thon (a day where you sit on your ass all day watching movies that an elite group of individuals choose whenceforth you obtain a more complete understanding of life and what it means.) ((Ok I lied about that part, you probably just get a real big headache from sitting in a dark room on your ass))

Well, now I am off to the gym to lift weights with the best roommate in the world PATRICK! You know its weird, we havent lived together in 2002, but I still refer to him as my roomie. oh well, you all get the picture.

Alright, I finished my first phase of DVD's. What follows is a strange and somewhat confusing mix of titles. Most are movies, some are concert DVD's, some I have no idea why I have them at all...however, it shows my eclectic mix of DVD's that makes me me.

The Animatrix is a group of nine stories based on the world created in The Matrix films. Some are good, all are passable, and one story really shines.
" A Detective Story": This deals with a small time PI who is hired by an unidentified source to track down the hacker Trinity. It's a balck and white cartoon, modeled after film noir films from the '50's. The mystery to tracking down Trinity is fun to watch, as is the cliches that this toon employs. A great story.
There are nine tales in all, each lasting about 13 minutes each. The style of animation changes with each chapter, from slick CG to hand drawn. It's just such a disappointment that Matrix Reloaded sucked so much. That film threw me completely off the wagon. I loved the first film and this...but the rest of the franchise just brought me down.
"This particular 'rabbit hole' has far more verve and artistic curiousity than its bloated blockbuster counterpart The Matrix Reloaded"
-- Nathaniel Rogers, FILM EXPERIENCE
This series of animated shorts gave me 'commercial breaks' from my busy evening yesterday. My sister came back from a six-week trip to Europe where she spent time in Prague, Vienna, and Florence studying architecture. She showed me a lot of pictures and a journal she kept the whole time. They partied waaay too much for studying abroad. Tuition well spent, I guess. I kept going up to my room and watching one of the featurettes at a time until at the end of the night, I only had two left. Now from watching films at the theatre and on the satellite, I had seen 3 of the 9 previously. My favorite was "Kid's Story" as it gave the background to the young character that saved the day in Matrix : Revolutions. There were a couple that I didn't like too much, but the beauty part about short films is that you don't devote too much of your life to them. Loved all of the different styles of animation though.

Trying to get a hold of my grandpa. He lives in North Carolina, and may check out this journal before I can call him. If so, "HELLO GRANDPA!". If not, disregard this message.