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Great way to start off a great trilogy
Fast and fun, this is a great way to start out a long trilogy.
All the LOTR movies were beautifully crafted. They take you away to a world of might, magic, legend and adventure, and does not let go of your imagination long after the movie is over.
An exciting story for a long film.
Best trilogy ever! Cannot wait for The Hobbit!
Love it, really brings the book to the screen in a more complete way than most novels adapted to film. Although never truly completely the same as the book, this film does a great job of capturing imagination and creating a new universe in which you can escape. Leave this reality for awhile and have some escapist fun with this film!
Story bringing up few joints where you almost think that the movie is over.But each become a new beginning to a new adventure.A great story having a long play length.
Spectacular special effects and amazing actors, this movie is amazing.
"None shall pass" up the best of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Great story-line and action. This one keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Gandalf in wonderfully portrayed in this trilogy. Peter Jackson, great directing. 10/10.
When I first watch the first LOTR film, I was completely blown away. I thought that this film was the perfect example in terms of a great step in cinema. It was truly amazing, watching it.
The fantasy film adapted from the original book, The Fellowship of the Ring, is itself, its own movie. There's action, story and plot, and drama. The plot itself is the one that really captivates the audience, because it's interesting.
The One Ring is the ring that could basically destroy Middle-Earth as well as end the reign of Mordor's Lord Sauron. It may sound cheesy, but it's not, and it's also completely fresh. The first of the three films was great, and the good thing about this trilogy, is that it keeps getting better and better. It's three hours of a great story, with various dramatic events, that all lead to the final climax in the third film.
If you watch this film, you'd be surprised at how well it's done, and how interested you're in. And when you watch it, make sure you watch the second and third ones, because they're better.