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Where does animatrix fall into the scheme of things chronologically? Is it stand-alone?
Still one of the best movies I've watched as a kid
Still one of the best movies out there. I've seen this movie close to 30 times by now, and I still fall in love ever time I watch it. Definitely my favorite movie of all time.
If you like the philosophy part of it, the Animatrix goes into that a bit, as well as the backstory behind the Matrix. I highly recommend checking it out if you love the Matrix and haven't seen it before.
Simply awesome!
This movie is the epitome of cool.
the best movie......
Just awesome movie can always watch it over again and not get bored
i know right! the other two were meh, but this one rocks!
This Movie was and is still to this day absolutely awesome!
Still the raining champion of the genre. I often watch the trilogy over and hope for future shows to follow suit. Not just in the special effects area, but the story line as well.