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The Outsiders 1983

When two poor greasers, Johnny, and Ponyboy are assaulted by a vicious gang, the socs, and Johnny kills one of the attackers, tension begins to mount between the two rival gangs, setting off a turbulent chain of events...

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This movie holds true to the book. If you loved the book, then you'll absolutely love the movie. What I like most about this movie is that you don't need to read the book to understand the movie - like most other book-turned-movie films. It is also funny about how most of the social sigmas and the social issues still ring true to this day. It never gets old. I absolutely recommend this to anybody and everybody.
This movie is absolutely fantastic. I feel in love with the book, then I fell in love with al lthe characters. Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Dally, Johnny, Steve and Two Bit, all hold some special place in my heart, but I'm especially moved by Sodapop, and everytime I feel like watching the movie, but not the whole thing, I'll watch te parts with Soda in them. This movie is addictive, and once you watch it once, you'll want to watch it a thousand times! I'm in love with every aspect of the book, the movie, the characters and the actors.
Good sad movie. Ponyboy was HOT as a blond!!
The Outsiders

Great book, first of all. Read it like 3,000 times. We just watched the movie in school for a last day celebration. 2 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL! Anyways, great cast, actually AWSOME cast. They all did great. The only part that sort of annoyed me was how they exactly quoted from the book. But i guess they were the important lines so whatever.........Great Movie
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Both a literary and film classic. However until Rotten Tomatoes lets us review books, your stuck with my review on the film. I was first exposed to The Outsiders in grade 8 when we were "forced" to read the book. Little did I know this would be one of my favorite novels. About a month later (hey it was grade 8, a 150 page novel was considered lengthy), after much study my teacher popped in the movie, and it was like falling in love all over again.

Although I'm neither a "Greaser" nor a "Soc" I always identified with these characters in particular Ponyboy. Well portrayed by the still unknown C. Thomas Howell, the film continues to bring a tear to my eye. I consider it ironic though that the star of the film is still realtively unheard of but his co-stars, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, and even the director Francis Ford Coppola, all became big name celebrities. Someone once said can you imagine making this film today using the same cast? Can you imagine the cost to pay the actors alone? Well back to the review.

As I was saying I always found myself identifying with the Ponyboy, I never knew why as it could have been because we were the same age when I was first exposed to the world of S.E. Hinton. Although Ponyboy is in essence, on the wrong side of the tracks, to him he accepts the world for what it is and doesn't let his problems get in the way, in a life worth living. When his world reaches the breaking point and he and Johnny run off he discovers that there is still good in this world worth living for, and that it is important to "stay gold".

As for the remainder of the cast they each help bring Ponyboy down to earth. Darrell the older brother acts like the father figure and does not want Ponyboy following down the path of his world. He knows Pony can aspire to something more, and more then definetly come out of this lower class world. Sodapop is also Pony's other brother and always protects him from Darrell. Although he's more naive then Darrell, Darrell by far is the one who has his head screwed on straight. Johnny is Pony's best friend. His life is filled with tragedy and as the story progress the tragedy grows. Dallas is the bad boy tuff guy of the bunch, although he acts like he does not have any feelings deep down he cares a great deal about Johnny and that becomes his undoing. Two-bit and Steve are reminders of what the "greasers" world is, and act as representatives of this society whether they know it or not. Finally there is Cherry, a soc and potential love interest for Ponyboy. Sadly her part is cut short and there is very little character development. The story could have gone on without her in the film.

The film itself is definetly iconic and memorable, but alas like most book to movies there is a lot they took out, and since this book is one of my favs the movie is going to have to suffer. Don't get me wrong though the film rocks.

Phew that was grueling I don't usually take the time to elaborate on every character. Just goes to show you how important this book was for me. Everytime I see it I still get emotional when Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas rescue the kid; Ponyboy being reunited with Darrell and Sodapop; and the inevitable deaths of Johnny and Dallas.

I strongly encourage you to read the book, or if your lazy watch the movie. This film plays an impact on our lives, and shows how important all lives are, despite their class, history or background.
This movie stars Ralph Macchio. Is there something else I can help you with?

Basically, the whole gang thing is old from before the beginning, but I can't say's the acting is no good, 'cept they all talk like they're from the south, which is kinda jokey I suppose, but these kids are pretty rough. Anywho, it's more for the pre-13 crowd, 'cept the killin and fights and trauma. Reck.
I am a huge fan of Francis Ford Coppola's work, especially his work on the godfather trilogy. This movie was kind of a let down because of the fact that the godfather movies were way better than this movie. Not to say that this movie was bad because it wasn't. The acting isn't great, the plot is ok, and the movie itself feels used and washed up. The only reason why I'm giving this movie such a low rating is because i'm comparing this movie to his other masterpieces.
Terminator 3 - At times I think I actually liked it more then Judgement day, but there were just a few too many loop holes that questions that I had on how the T-X wasn't as advanced in some areas as the Terminator in Judgement day for me to love this movie.

The Outsiders - I love the set up, I love the cast, I just can't believe that there isn't more story. It seems like it's so small scope. It's amazing that they even gave Tom Cruises character a name! I want to see the new edition to see if it fixes these problems, because this could be one of my favorite movies with a few more scenes added to it, no doubt.
What monstrous cast of young and upcoming actors. All performances are excellant except for suprisingly Tom Cruise. It seems like it has a lot to say, but doesnt seem to know how to say it. The movie seems a little disjointed and seems to be a better book than a movie. Still with these negatives the performances alone make it worth to watch.