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The Postman 1997

A drifter with no name finds a Jeep with the skeleton of a postman and a bag of mail and dons the postman's uniform and bag of mail as he begins a quest to inspire hope to the survivors living in the post apocalyptic America...

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Sadly this wasn't nearly as good as the book. It was missing so many critical plot points and much was completely made up! However Kevin Costner is its only saving grace, if you have a few hours to kill it's not a complete waste of time. Read the book. It's amazing!
Firstly it needs to be pointed out that this movie is nearly 3 hours long, now that is not to say its bad, but at the same time it's not quiet up there with " Dances With Wolves " or " Robin Hood " although if you want some nice Kevin Costner action, drama, romance your in luck but make sure you have plenty of popcorn =p 8.7/10
This movie is waaay too drawn out 80/90min would have sufficed.
The Postman: The idea behind this movie had a lot of potential. We in the US all too often take for granted the stability of our society, despite the fact that our nation has lasted less than a quarter of the length of the Islamic control of Spain and Portugal. What would happen if the government suffered a catastrophe and was overthrown? What would hold our nation together if the political and economic structure collapsed? This is an especially important question to ask as we try to unite against terrorism after 9/11.

Unfortunately, the execution is terrible. The story makes no sense. So some guy marches his army aimlessly around the Northwest collecting tribute? Why doesn't he just keep them at a garrison as a threat, and have men in every town who do collections? That's how every empire in history has done it, because supplying a moving army is always difficult. And Kevin Costner is great as a loner (Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham), but as a leader of men? Nope. The other major characters are so overplayed that it's (almost) funny, among them the mayor of a small town played by...

Tom Petty: One of my fave musicians. The only drawback is that every song he does seems to be about using marijuana: "Let's get to the point, let's roll another joint" (You Don't Know How It Feels), "One last dance with mary jane, one more chance to kill the flame" (One Last Dance...). I was already hooked before I realized this. Hooked on Petty, that is. ;)
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:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: Many fail to understand this movie. It has more depth to it than people think it does. Strange Tom Petty cameo.
Mister Tomato Head says....

A wonderful movie about a post apocolyptic North America. Costner gives an Oscar worthy performance and the story is fresh and entertaining. There is just enough character development to make you care or not care about these people. And "yes", the new capitol of the U.S. is the HHH Metrodome.
This was Costner's second try at an after the apocalypse epic type of film (see my review on Waterworld). This film has a very nicely written story. I like watching the main character go from a lone drifter who talks to his mule to a man who founded a new civilized society. He's pretty much forced on his road to that end due to his own will to survive but the results are the same.

The actors are good as is the soundtrack. The effects do well to set the mood of the film. By this I mean the costuming and set building, as there aren't many big effects shots in the film. This was a story about people, not an effects extravaganza.
A sort of modern western set in the future. The film fails to deliver, primarily due to it's preposterous length. Kevin Costner's Oscar for Dances with Wolves apparently went to his head. The basic story is an interesting one, and it is nicely produced. Technically it is good. But it sure does drasg on.