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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 2012

After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi...

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I love to read the latest comments on the side of all the pages. I'm glad people give opinions on if a movie is good or not. (Thanks everyone!) It is how I how found a lot of movies I didn't know about & I couldn't find anything to watch, bcuz I like most people here love watching movies & I'm always looking for more. BUT I don't like seeing people talk trash on other peoples comments. Some people dissect movies or they decide they are going to school someone on who a comic character is (spider man)or what a movie really means. Do they get off on demeaning other people? I don't get it. Everyone here should feel comfortable to leave whatever comment or opinion they want without somebody replying @whomever & putting them down. Get over yourself & grow up. Nobody wants to read an argument when your are trying to make someone else feel stupid. Its not cool.
I'm a man and i can honestly say that I fell asleep during the first 30 mins of the first movie and never had the smallest desire to watch ANY of the rest of them. Nor read any of the books. In short, most men don't watch twilight. I'm pretty sure.
To the breed that do. Whatever floats your boat.
Don't let men fool you, we secretly watched every Twilight show and loved it just as much as the girls. Sorry to see it's over. Looking forward to Midnight Sun, Twilight through Edward's point of view.
what link should i use? any tips?
i agree with u LARMED!
@1dlover6971 What you said could be a spoiler to anyone who has not got a chance to watch yet.
Derogatory comment removed :)
Comments that label a movie or show as "gay" aren't helpful, Reddak. I'll leave it to dopilus and LARMED to argue about whether or not they're judgemental.
@ LARMED - People are free to feel however they want about things but not allowed to express their feelings? You're contradicting yourself man. Besides, I don't see a n y o n e JUDGING anyone else on here though; at all. What could they POSSIBLY have to say that would hold any sort of significance/impact anyway?
The ending was the best :) people need to stop reporting comments just because they might not agree with what is said. Comments can be good or bad. :)