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this Aliens Dick hOle mOvie waS niCe :D
not a family movie, however def. funny for adults
Was slow but funny so glad I watched, vince vaughn cant do wrong in these kind of movies, I loved the combination of humour and drama in film. 9/10
wow. great movie. better then it looks.
If you like crude humor, you'll like this. Of you don't, you won't. Personally, I thought parts of it are funny as hell and I caught myself laugh hysterically at points in the movie. The cast was good and aside from the usual hokie ending of movies like this, the story line kept surprising me(a little). If you like guys talking about their balls and all the jokes that would accompany that line of conversation, you'll like it. I like crude humor and gave it a 7/10... If my wife had seen it she'd probably have given it a 4/10 tops.
The Watch was pretty dang good, a lot better then the reviews. Movie was funny as hell, laughed out loud a lot, I would have been the guy in the theatre that couldn't stop laughing; Especially when they encounter the alien for the first time *taking pictures*. 7.8/10
Good fun, with some funny moments 7/10
I enjoyed this a lot
I was a bit shocked that the alien wasnt a 'Paul' though ....soon found out why !!!

great soundtrack.. fun movie

got some laughs. desenct flick. vince does his thing.