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this was pretty good! nice romance aspect
They chose well when they selected Emily Blunt to play lead. She's amazing in everything she ends up in. And Rupert Friend plays a great Prince Albert too. They did a wonderful job of portraying the tension between Victoria, her mother, and Sir John Conroy. The music was beautiful and brought goosebumps, especially at her coronation. The costumes were really pretty. if i were an actress this is the kind of movie i would wanna star in.
I really liked this movie. Seen it awhile back, time to re-watch it :D
I simply love this movie. Blunt is just such a great Victoria !
This is a beautiful piece of work. How I missed it for so long, I will never know. If you like your period dramas, then you would love this film.
I'm breaking all my own rules here - though quite frankly, I'm amazed it took 300 entries before that happened. You see, I saw "The Young Victoria" three days ago in Spain (and thus dubbed in Spanish), but that's only because it still has no release date for the U.S. (!) So it deserves a review anyhow.
Princess Victoria of Kent (Emily Blunt) has grown up in a world of palaces and luxury, of rules and manipulation. All her young life has been spent under the influence of her mother, the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson), and Sir John Conroy (Mark Strong), the surrogate father chosen by the Duchess for Victoria after her own father died. When Victoria's uncle, King William IV (Jim Broadbent) dies, she suddenly finds herself queen at the tender age of 18. Newly asserting her independence from her mother and Conroy, she soon ends up torn between rival factions trying to control her, not least of which are the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne (Paul Bettany) and Victoria's uncle, King Leopold of Belgium (Thomas Kretschmann). Leopold in particular is trying to win her over by having her spend as much time as possible with her cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Rupert Friend). Of course, this turns out better than anyone could have hoped, as Albert is immediately smitten with Victoria and she eventually grows to rely on him as well. It takes a crisis of British politics to finally convince her to marry him, but thereafter they are inseparable, even through the tumultous times and assassination attempts of Victoria's early reign. The film ends shortly after their marriage, with a brief epilogue summarizing the remainder of their lives.
This is an excellent film for its genre - even in Spanish, which I am not exactly fluent in. This makes it even more baffling why it has no planned U.S. release, especially given that it has a top-notch, internationally-known cast and claims Martin Scorsese and Sarah Ferguson among its producers. The direction is good and the film never feels long, and though the editing can sometimes feel choppy, I liked the continuous parallels between the separate lives of Victoria and Albert. The acting is outstanding and the chemistry between Blunt and Friend is particularly compelling. Though it starts out a historical drama, it is definitely the romance that wins out in the end, which is entirely a good thing. Victoria and Albert had a deeply romantic life story, one that is deserving of many more good films.
Overall, a classic period romance dramatizing (but not overly) the early life of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, a thoroughly worthwhile film that I look forward to seeing again in English if the powers that be deem it reasonable to release it here in the U.S.
I love these types of films. I have seen lots of them but I must say this was surprisingly good put up next to some of the big blockbusters. When I decided to watch this tonight I didn't have high hopes, because it didn't have any names and I didn't know any of the makers. But after watching this I was so in loved, with a twist that made it different. I didn't feel like I was watching a remake, and I was very entertained. The acting was great, and the direction was spot on. I would defiantly re-watch this film.
Interesting look into the life of a young queen. I had no idea, Victoria mothered 9 children. No wonder she was such a profound and successful monarch. Seems like that her husband, Albert also had a big and positive influence in her life. Usually we say: Behind every great man, there is a great woman. This is just the other way around.
this movie is lovely, it's like two figures on wedding cake, or like white pigeons that never take a dump, or like puppies in tv commercials, or like a lot of balloons in hand of 4year old girl with blond curly hair. oh it's so cute it made me sick, but that's because i've watched too much tv news in my life.
Not sure about the historical accuracy but I really enjoyed this movie. It is difficult to make this subject more commercial for the general public without loosing it's authenticity of the time it was about... Good movie... reccomending it to the whole family!