lol i didnt know jack black was in this movie and was the pilot..
Very good movie of course you guys find it boring now but back in '90 this movie kicked ass one of my favorites
I truly love this movie, it has it all!
why didnt anyone like this kick ass movie???
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Water World is a film known for the wrong thing. People remember Water World as the first $100 million film instead of an innovative film with an old school story and an apocalyptic film presented in a new style. Water World is the story of a world that is covered in water due to global warming. Humans find a way of surviving by relying on floating make-shift communities. Gas is an extremely valuable substance in this world, judging by gas prices it is in our world as well, but I digress. Mercenaries, known as smokers, travel the world looking for these communities to take over, rape and pillage, and steal whatever is useful. Everyone who is still alive has one goal, find dry land. Costner is a drifter, wondering the ocean on his own. He stops in a village to trade items when the smokers invade. Costner is discovered as a mutant who has developed gills due to his surroundings, when this is discovered by the village he is sentenced to death. A little girl and her care taker are also segregated because they are different. The little girl has a strange tattoo on her back that is rumored to be the map to dry land. When word of this spreads the globe the smokers are after her, lead by Dennis Hopper. When the smokers destroy the village, Costner barely escapes with the child and caretaker. Costner believes they need him more then he needs them. He discovers his emotions, and what it means to be human due to this relationship.

"You better tell me what I want to hear, or he's going to find what's left of you in a god damn glass jar."

Kevin Reynolds, director of The Count of Monte Cristo and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, directs Water World. Reynolds does a magnificent job of creating an extreme landscape. Granted it cost $100 mill to make this film, but what film doesn't anymore? I enjoyed everything about this film, and the people who initially viewed this film unjustly put the film down, with comments like, "this cost $100 million?" If you go into the film with that mind frame, what do you expect? A movie like Night of the Living Dead may have cost ten dollars to make, but if it cost $100 mill, does it make it less of a film? That is what happened to Water World, people said $100 mill, not that good, and that is too bad for Reynolds.

"Can you get us out of here?"

"There's only two ways of that, no way and no how."

Water World is a brilliantly laid out film, the scenery and back drop is perfectly presented. I believe Water World is an underrated film that fans of Road Warrior and Cutt Throat Island should love. This film has a very strong feeling of the Mad Max film Road Warrior. I also believe Cutt Throat Island is an extremely under rated film that some how falls in the same genre as this film, bad reviews, and a bias opinion prior to ever seeing the film. Costner and Hopkins are two brilliant actors that play off each other perfectly, and almost over act their roles.

"People said I was weird."

"Maybe they were right."

"Maybe they were right about you also."

Water World is a film that should absolutely be watched, completely viewed, prior to any decision made on if you like the film or not. The film is laid out perfectly, the characters are good, not great, but the story line is very entertaining and interesting. The landscape and limitations keeps the viewer interested in their modes of survival. If you believe there is nothing in here you would not expect, you will be greatly surprised by this film. Give this film a chance whether it is via a rental, Showtime, or purchasing this film.

"You ever try to listen?"

Grade: B+
The critics, and even some genre fans, for various reasons, attacked this film. Much of the criticism didn't even have to do with whether the movie was good or bad but rather the cost of it. The film did take a large amount to of money to make, partially because the sets were destroyed in mid shooting by a storm so they had to be rebuilt. Despite that, the film, upon release, still made a profit.

So on to the actual film. I liked the basic premise of this post apocalypse story. It's an intriguing setting. A world flooded over and solid ground is little more than a myth. Ok, so Deacon's people actually getting a super-tanker to move by rowing with giant oars is a bit out there, but for the most part the story is good.

The effects are all right. The attack on the atoll scene starts out good but then it seems to turn into a Marine World show with the water skiers and all. Other than that, "the smokers" are a suitable bunch of bad guys. The actors are good, and the soundtrack is as well.